Project Management

  • Organisational change is implemented through projects, so capable project management is key to ongoing success. Kaizen Kulture delivers Lean Six Sigma projects with a focus on business outcomes and change.
  • Delivering projects on time, on budget and to brief is vital, but Kaizen Kulture goes further. We take an agile approach to project management which allows project teams to identify innovative solutions to be included as projects progress, leading to enhanced outcomes.
  • Our project managers are experienced professionals with acute awareness of the dynamic nature and challenging, often political, environments where implementing change is usually met with significant resistance through a projects life cycle.

Trusted, strategic and creative

  • We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability, which makes us trusted advisors to clients. In this role, we link strategic, programme and project advice to achieve business goals and lasting change.
  • Whether in long-term partnerships or for one-off projects, we seek to understand an organisation’s aspirations so that we can find imaginative solutions that deliver what they need.

Harnessing Lean Six Sigma expertise

  • Kaizen Kulture Lean Six Sigma project managers have widely varied backgrounds. We draw on their expertise across multiple industries – including true current state evaluation, root cause analysis, solution implementation and ongoing control for sustained process improvement.
  • Our project managers create and lead carefully-crafted project teams – bringing focus, assurance, efficiency and creativity. The calibre of our people allows us to tackle the complexity of business processes.

Navigating risk

  • Management of risk on projects is about more than safeguarding. Effective management can also realise new opportunities and provide crucial assurance that the project can smoothly make the transition into operation.
  • Project success means different things to each client – from value capital, cost outturn, timely delivery, whole-life cost to value for money or your reputation. However you define success, we will match our focus to yours to ensure the risks that matter most to you are known and mitigated.
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Project Management

Project Management

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