Who we are

We're Kaizen Kulture Professional Solutions

Kaizen Kulture is a leading provider of Lean and Six Sigma training and consulting services. We provide a comprehensive set of courses in Lean and Six Sigma as well as culture change management.

Headed up by Colin McArdle, a Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has over 30 years industry experience, Kaizen Kulture's mission is to be true to the ethos of continuous improvement.

A blend of Lean and Six Sigma and change management

We provide a blend of training services through technical skills (Lean and Six Sigma) and cultural change (mindsets & behaviours) training, to enable organisations to cement solid foundations for sustainable technical and cultural change.

We assist organisations to create a workplace environment to ignite the 'flame' in their people. We believe people have great ideas, make or break business performance, and create competitive advantage.

Colin McArdle
Colin McArdle - Managing Director

Developing a motivated and empowered workforce

Having witnessed first-hand how organisations across multiple industries and sectors perform, a key differentiator is their people. At Kaizen Kulture we believe passionately that a leaders role is to create a motivated workforce.

A workforce who are empowered, given the time to contribute to daily problem solving, encouraged to innovate and receive feedback to cement foundations for cultural change and long term success.

Customers regularly cite that our tacit knowledge and case study examples provide excellent critique of their initial thoughts, helping them to develop low risk plans for positive outcomes. Further, our consultancy service allows organisations to discuss and share their unique needs with multi-industry award winning experienced Tutors and Consultants.

Our Tutors & Consultants combined delivery has now exceeded 3500 people, in 32 countries, including the USA, Europe, Middle East, India, China and Asia-Pacific. Roles trained now exceed 220 Champions, 52 Master Black Belts, 370 Black Belts 1450 Green Belts and 950 Lean Practitioners.

Kaizen Kulture has the credentials, so whether you are starting or continuing your continuous improvement journey, look no further! Start today, by contacting Colin McArdle at colin@kaizenkulture.com