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How to eliminate waste from your back office operations

Written by Colin McArdle on 23 May 2018

For any company in the service industry, ensuring the end-to-end process of delivering a service to a customer is as efficient as possible is a priority.

But too often, organisations spend too much time on tasks and activities that don’t provide any value for the customer.

If you think about your back-office operations, what tasks and activities have no bearing on the customer? In other words, what happens behind the scenes that isn’t absolutely necessary for your customer?


How private equity firms can increase value in services with Lean

Written by Colin McArdle on 02 May 2018

The biggest goal for private equity firms is to increase the value of a company they invest in. Largely this involves increasing the company’s growth and cutting costs. And Lean can play a big role in this.

Lean seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes to impact speed, efficiency and quality. It focuses on eliminating ‘waste’ - tasks that absorb time and resources but add no value to the customer or the business.


The Tesco success story and the role of Lean thinking

Written by Colin McArdle on 25 Apr 2018

Leading multinational retailer Tesco has 6,809 shops across the world and services 79 million shopping trips per week - across both stores and online. Add in the 460,000 employees, and to say that it’s important that they maintain high levels of operational efficiency would be somewhat of an understatement.

The supply chain for any retailer of this size is a significant operation. So how do they manage it?