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4 quick wins to increase the capacity of your back office function

Written by Colin McArdle on 06 Jun 2018

All organisations in the service industry want to operate as efficiently as possible so they can deliver a faster, better quality and more reliable service to their customers.

And ideally, they want to do this with as few resources as possible.

But are you maximising the capacity of your back office staff?

Contrary to some belief, failure to deliver a smooth service to your customers can usually be traced back to a process problem, as opposed to a people problem.

Here we share four quick wins for adapting your processes and the working environment to ensure you utilise staff time as much as possible.


Tackling low morale of office staff with 5s workplace organisation

Written by Colin McArdle on 30 May 2018

For many service companies, the back office is where customer requests are fulfilled.


How to eliminate waste from your back office operations

Written by Colin McArdle on 23 May 2018

For any company in the service industry, ensuring the end-to-end process of delivering a service to a customer is as efficient as possible is a priority.

But too often, organisations spend too much time on tasks and activities that don’t provide any value for the customer.

If you think about your back-office operations, what tasks and activities have no bearing on the customer? In other words, what happens behind the scenes that isn’t absolutely necessary for your customer?