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What's the difference between periodic and predictive maintenance?

Written by Colin McArdle on 10 Jan 2018

Reactive maintenance focuses on fixing problems when they occur. But this ‘run-to-failure’ approach means you’re faced with periods of unplanned downtime that significantly affects the overall productivity and profitability of your company.

Production and maintenance teams striving to drive productivity and improved performance become frustrated with the lack of planning and the ‘it aint broke so don’t fix it’ mentality.

Preventative maintenance on the other hand, aims to minimise the possibility of equipment failures before they occur.


Put a stop to downtime with Total Productive Maintenance

Written by Colin McArdle on 25 Oct 2017

Equipment problems can impact significantly on your ability to do business. Breakdowns result in downtime, slow running equipment means tasks take longer than they should, and faulty equipment leads to production errors. And let's not forget the potential impact on safety. 

There's no doubt that maintaining the equipment used across your business is a priority.

With Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), you can put a stop to downtime.

In this blog post, we explain how.