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Are you using OEE correctly?

Written by Colin McArdle on 19 Jan 2018

The manufacturing industry, like many others, constantly faces demand volatility, material price increases, and increased operating costs. This forces stakeholders to assess production processes to identify new low-cost ways to increase productivity. Increasing the return on investment of capital equipment and production performance has now become a high priority.

The manufacturing process is complex, and without guidelines and correct metrics, it’s easy to think you are doing well, when in fact you could do a lot better.


8 ways to engage staff when implementing Total Productive Maintenance

Written by Colin McArdle on 03 Jan 2018

With a pragmatic approach to implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), you can transform your manufacturing performance. No more breakdowns, delays or defects impacting productivity and customer satisfaction.

But for every TPM success story, there are others who have failed in their pursuits.

The short and long-term success of TPM is reliant on changing the mindsets and behaviours of Maintenance and Production teams. Maintenance staff need to avert their attention from “fixing” to “preventing” problems. And Production staff need to be open to taking on some responsibility for maintaining equipment. 

So engaging them early on in TPM will be crucial. And in this blog post, we discuss eight key ways to do this.


Put a stop to downtime with Total Productive Maintenance

Written by Colin McArdle on 25 Oct 2017

Equipment problems can impact significantly on your ability to do business. Breakdowns result in downtime, slow running equipment means tasks take longer than they should, and faulty equipment leads to production errors. And let's not forget the potential impact on safety. 

There's no doubt that maintaining the equipment used across your business is a priority.

With Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), you can put a stop to downtime.

In this blog post, we explain how.