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Why invest in Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training for your staff?

Written by Colin McArdle on 07 Mar 2018


You may have heard about Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training. But perhaps you are unclear about how it can benefit your organisation.

Green Belt training is designed to equip individuals or organisations with best practice approaches and easy to understand problem-solving tools. So they can reduce waste, increase process speed and drive greater efficiencies across processes.

If you’re considering investing in Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training for your staff, this blog post explains how your organisation could benefit and what to expect from the training course.

The benefits for your company

Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training can benefit any organisation looking to:

  • Streamline processes,
  • Improve product or service quality,
  • Reduce lead times,
  • Increase productivity,
  • Lower costs,
  • Improve communications between teams.

Does that sound like you? Well investing in Green Belt training can help your organisation achieve these goals.

With Green Belt training your staff can discover how to reduce wasteful tasks and activities that add no value to the customer and solve chronic and complex problems. They are trained in how to understand where to focus the attention to influence change, as well as how to manage team dynamics and work with leadership.

And all this can benefit your company in a number of ways:

Improved customer satisfaction

Lean and Six Sigma is not just about reducing costs. It’s about delivering more value to your customers. Understanding how to remove waste from processes and eliminate defects means you’ll be better able to deliver what customers want, when they want it.

Improved staff morale and engagement

Being given the opportunity to learn new skills and responsibilities is often a key driver of employee satisfaction. And Green Belt training is one way to give employees this opportunity. And moreover, during Green Belt training individuals learn about the Lean management principles required to build a Lean culture, where everyone in the business can see waste and remove it. So once back in their organisation, Green Belts will be able to use their knowledge to empower all employees to own process improvement, leading to improved staff morale and increased job satisfaction for all.

Increased revenue

Green Belt training teaches you the tools you need for streamlining your processes so they can be completed faster and more efficiently at no cost to quality. So with Green Belts constantly looking for ways to improve processes, you’ll be able to provide more of your product or service using less resources.

Is Green Belt training right for my business?

In short, any business wanting to improve their processes can benefit from Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training. Why? Because it’s designed to equip people with best practice and easy to understand problem-solving tools. And all businesses have problems to solve, whether you’re in manufacturing, tech, sales, HR, customer service, healthcare or another service-based industry.

What is the Green Belt training course like?

Green Belt training is usually completed either face-to-face with an experienced trainer in a classroom environment or via an online tutoring and assessment tool.

Often, face-to-face training can be both more effective and more enjoyable as training sessions tend to be packed full of practical workshops and exercises. And instant feedback from the trainer can help delegates to quickly gain confidence in using Lean and Six Sigma tools. However, online training can provide a cost-effective alternative.


By investing in Green Belt training for your staff, you’re investing in the future of your organisation. Having Green Belts operating within your team gives you access to effective tools and techniques for improving processes and solving problems in your organisation. 

And crucially, Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt training will always be relevant. No matter how successful your company, you’ll always need problem-solving skills.

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Colin McArdle

Written by Colin McArdle

Colin McArdle, the Founder and Managing Director of Kaizen Kulture is a Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has over 30 years industry experience. Kaizen Kulture's mission is to be true to the ethos of continuous improvement.