Lean and Six Sigma Training - Green Belt Certification



If you are looking for best practice approaches and easy to understand problem solving tools, our Lean Management and Six Sigma Green Belt training is designed for you.

This 5-day course covers Lean principles that target waste reduction and increasing process speed, and Six Sigma used to solve complex problems.  The course is packed full of practical workshops and exercises designed for accelerated learning of Lean Management and Six Sigma tools. With guidance from our expert trainers, you will gain the confidence to use these tools to improve the performance of your organisation from day one back in the workplace.

Our training takes place in a relaxed and comfortable environment and is led by experts in Lean and Six Sigma.


What you will cover



Upon completion of the course and successfully passing the exam, you will receive a Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Foundation certification which is aligned with ISO 18404 international standard for Lean Six Sigma.  


How will I benefit?

  • Discover how to apply Lean and Six Sigma tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes
  • Develop understanding of Lean management  principles required to build a Lean culture
  • Gain insights on where to focus attention to influence change in your organisation, as well as how to manage team dynamics and work with leadership
  • Learn how to develop and implement data collection methods and descriptive statistics to describe and quantify process capability and to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs
  • Develop professionally and improve your career prospects


Is Lean Management and Six Sigma Green Belt training for me? 

This course is designed for individuals who:

  • Are looking for solutions to streamline processes, improve product or service quality, reduce lead times, increase productivity, lower costs and improve communications between teams in their organisation
  • Is a team member, supervisor, project manager, functional or technical expert, consultant, senior executive or business leader looking to improve personal performance
  • Works in any industry - from manufacturing to the service industry, to office environments
  • Has limited or no knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Has a passion for learning


Why Kaizen Kulture?

Our trainers are experts in Lean and Six Sigma and come from businesses just like yours. They have first-hand experience of facing the same sorts of challenges you do. We bring this experience to our training to ensure each module relates to your particular issues so we can provide the best learning experience possible.


Discuss your training needs with Colin

Discuss your training needs

At Kaizen Kulture, our trainers are more than just trainers. They are experienced business people who have faced the same sorts of challenges you are. So when it comes to providing training to help you and your people achieve improved outcomes, our trainers understand your issues and speak your language.

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"Colin was a brilliant trainer. The examples he gave throughout the 2 days were based on GP Care and our services/ what we do - this was very helpful as it helped us to understand more as was based on GP Care. I enjoyed the course very much & would highly recommend Colin."
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